Blocked Drains


A Blocked Drain can create a horrible situation in your home or business. The result can not only be messy but also very unhygienic. As this can cause the spreading of bacteria and illness, rectifying these problems should always be top priority.

The reasons behind liquids and solids backing up a drainage line and causing a blocked drain, can range from Tree Roots, to built up matter such as Sanitary Items, Baby Wipes, Hair and Cooking Fats. In some cases a broken pipe can also be the underlying reason.


With the use of specialised equipment, the team at Piperite can diagnose the problem, repair issues and offer advice on preventative measures to eliminate future blockages. 


Gutter & Roof Repairs

If a leaking roof or gutter is not repaired, serious structural damage can occur to a building. Indications of leaks include mould or stains in places such as ceilings, fascia boards or even water entering your property. Without prompt attention, the problem will escalate quickly, causing extensive damage to the property structure, fittings, furniture and other personal property. Our advice is to rectify these issues sooner rather than later.

Common causes of roof leaks include: poor installation of materials, falling limbs or trees, hail or other objects can cause major damage to a roof.


Water Emergency Tips

  • If flooding or excessive flow, isolate electricity at the main meter-box

  • If localised, turn off, un-plug and move any effected electrical appliances

  • Do not use any electrical appliances, utilities or water utilities that may pass more water through the effected area

  • Turn off house water supply if flow is excessive or causing damage

  • If possible, turn off local water supply tap if flow is not contained

  • Where possible, determine leak or burst source and give PIPERITE a call on 0423 113 280 

  • Mitigate any further water damage or flow with buckets or towels or attempt to remove excess water through mopping